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EnCalcOU calculates the use and cost of heating oil, allowing the real cost based on tank readings
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5 March 2013

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This software program helps keep track of your heating bill and the heating oil consumption.

One may often wonder at what kind of heating oil consumption you are making to keep warm on a monthly basis. Is the heating oil bill quite accurate? Or, if you are environmentally conscious, what is the amount of carbon dioxide you may be producing? Will it be possible to reduce the consumption? If it is possible to have track of exact consumption, the other details could be worked out and this kind of a software tool can help you do that. You get a color coded main screen so that it is easier to read off data. Areas in the display include tank readings, tank & oil data, deliveries, results and fill up by dates and amounts. The calculator will show you results of oil use and predicted data and cost.

You can specify if you are using cylindrical or rectangular tanks in your heating system. Tank readings could be by volume or the depth of oil in the tank. Amount of CO2 generated is also calculated. A record of calculations and the history of readings are maintained. These calculations are available in metric as well as imperial units. Depending on the rate of consumption, you will be able to get a date by which next filling will be required. The program is free for personal use but needs a license fee for commercial use. A registration code is required in either case. Installation and set up is simple. Most computer users will be able to make sense of using the tool properly. This is a very good and useful tool.

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EnCalcOU calculates the use and cost of heating oil, allowing both the real cost based on tank readings and forward prediction based on the readings and elapsed time. The results can be saved to a log files for later analysis.The log files save details of deliveries, a history of oil use and the results of caculations. EnCalcOU copes with up to two tanks of varying shapes, varying tax/VAT rates including separate rates for oil and deliveries. It also calculates the amount of CO2 generated and can record the stae of the central heating system. EnCalcOU is part of the JSutils group of software utilities which have a theme of energy conservation. Requires a registration code (free for personal non commercial use).
Version 3.0
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